Low intensity Shock Wave Therapy in Tucson, AZ

What is GAINSWave?

Gainswave is the use of Low Intensity Shock Wave therapy to promote vascular regeneration through your natural healing cascades. Gainswave endorses several brands of shock wave machines, but I have concluded only the Zimmer EnPulsePro and Stortz Duolith are worth the investment.

Board-certified urologist, Dr. Peter Burrows is experienced in providing GAINSWave treatment. Contact our clinic in Tucson, AZ today to schedule an appointment by calling (520) 731-0600.

What Can I Expect With a GAINSWave Treatment?

Treatments take about 20 minutes applying 10,000-14,000 shocks to the entire penis. There are no restrictions after treatment and in fact you are encouraged to actively achieve erections to promote healing and regeneration. Shock wave treatments are cumulative and peak healing and function is achieved at 4-6 weeks. Most studies show that you will see improvement with the 1st treatment and maximize the benefit after 4-6 treatments. The improvements will gradually wear off in that at 2 year after treatment 50% of the effect will be lost. However, a maintenance treatment 2-3 x a year prevents loss of improved erection quality.

What is the Cost?

Due to the success of ESWT for the treatment of joint and tendon injuries, the FDA approved the technology 15 years ago. Even though the mechanism of repair is the same for erections using shock therapy, it is still considered an off-label use and not covered by insurance or Medicare. Each treatment is a $500 out of pocket expense. If you chose 6 full treatments and have good improvement, maintenance treatments up to 3 times a year will be free as a shared risk incentive.

Who is a Good Candidate for GAINSWave?

There are 3 categories of treatment candidates that determine which Gainswave treatment protocol you receive. The shock wave machines I offer are the ideal tool to allow tailor made depths of shock pulse and intensity needed to treat all 3 types of men seeking improvement.

  • Men with loss of potency or classic Erectile Dysfunction: ED from diabetes, smoking, surgery or age is caused by vascular aging. ESWT properly targeted can improve all levels of ED from vascular aging. 80% of men attained a level up of erection ability. That is- after treatments, men using injections (trimix) only needed medications (Viagra, ect) and men using medications achieved natural sustainable erections. To achieve these results typically 4-6 treatments are needed.
  • Performance Enhancement: Men with good potency but more subtle changes of less sensation, less firmness and longer refractory periods (time needed to be able to achieve erection after climax) have excellent recovery of these sexual functions with property applied ESWT. Performance protocols recommend 2-4 treatments.
  • Peyronie’s Curvatures: Scars or plaques can form on the tunic of penis causing severe bends and ED. Using a local anesthetic block and a more focused intense ESWT protocol including topical verapamil, Peyronie’s curvatures and ED can be effectively treated. I currently recommend considering shock wave treatment prior to Xiaflex and surgical plication as these are far more invasive. ESWT can break the plaque over several treatments and restore erectile function. Treatment protocols are tailor-made to improvement and sometimes all that are needed are 2 treatments, but stubborn plaques may take 6 or more sessions.

Schedule a GAINSWave Consultation in Tucson, AZ

To discuss whether GAINSWave is the right option to treat your erectile dysfunction or Peyronie’s disease, or optimize your sexual performance, contact Arizona Center for Vasectomy and Urology to schedule an appointment with board-certified urologist Peter Burrows, MD. To schedule an appointment at our urology clinic in Tucson, please call (520) 731-0600.

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